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How To Gain Instagram Leads By Following ARMRA’s Strategy

How To Gain Instagram Leads By Following ARMRA’s Strategy

Colostrum. It sounds gross, but it’s a pretty solid addition to a healthy diet. Research shows it can increase hair growth, strengthen your immune system, improve your skin, and more.

ARMRA sells bovine colostrum (we will get more into this later) and took over my Instagram around March with stellar ads and retargeting. The ads worked, and I eventually purchased their colostrum, and now I receive excellent content from them daily. Every day I am impressed by their savvy social media strategy, especially on Instagram. 

So I dove into what they are doing right and found more than a few ways to replicate their strategy to drive Instagram lead generation. Here they are: 

Start with a Quality Product

I always tell clients that if the product sucks, there is no marketing that will make it sell. Eventually, people will start reviewing the product online, destroying all previous marketing attempts. ARMRA reviews vary across the internet, but they maintain a 4.5-star review on Amazon from 2,778 reviews. 

ARMRA also puts a lot of focus on its packaging. Receiving delivery of ARMRA feels like unwrapping a luxurious spa package. The packing also makes for excellent photos, which we will dive into next.

Invest in High-Quality Photography

I would even add high-design photography as a necessity on Instagram. The advantages of a good photographer are endless. Paying a pro is where I recommend investing a good chunk of change if you have it available.

If you don’t, you can still put more thought into your photos and ensure they follow a highly-visual pattern. That’s right- you want your photos to be cohesive, so your potential audience will immediately recognize your brand online, AND your page will look professionally designed. 

Retarget, Retarget, Retarget

I did not purchase ARMRA the first time I saw an ad in my Instagram feed. They continued to target me with their ads, which eventually led me to click on their post to read the comments (more on that later). Then I saw their story and was hooked.

I had to try this miracle product. Most consumers do not purchase on the first pass. It’s crucial to continue to find new ways to reach them. ARMRA used various post and story ads, and when they finally posted a story that called to me, I purchased the product immediately. 

Use Your Reviews

Reviews are like gold in the marketing world. 79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation or referral from a friend or family member. ARMRA’s sponsored content includes reviews from real people, which builds trust with consumers. Trusting consumers leads to more sales. 

If you don’t have many reviews, follow one of these strategies

Be Responsive 

I saw a comment in the comments for ARMRA that applauded the company for responding to every single comment on social media. An everyday consumer can see that ARMRA puts a lot of attention and care into its social media platforms. ARMRA even answers the hard questions, which there are many when selling bovine colostrum.

What ARMRA does exceptionally well is that they do not just point consumers to a webpage with more information; they actually spend the time typing out custom answers to each commenter, so they only have to read the comment to receive their response. Granted, this takes more than one community manager and a TON of time, but it’s so worth it. 

Use Stories To Your Advantage

ARMRA’s stories are exceptional because they use real people drinking the colostrum product in real situations. Each person also includes a reason as to why they chose ARMRA over other colostrum products. Some people featured in ARMRA’s ads and reels are influencers, which is an excellent addition to an Instagram strategy because 50% of Millennials trust product recommendations from influencers. Trust drops to 38% for product recommendations from celebrities.

Create Highlights 

You don’t have to go to ARMRA’s website for more information. Their highlights are strategically set up to answer any questions you may have. They even have a highlight reel that includes testimonials.

Every brand should have this highlight reel. ARMRA also includes a UGC (user-generated content) highlight reel and one that contains answers to questions they asked. Talk about an excellent execution of strategy!

Create Custom Landing Pages

ARMRA extends a call to action in their Instagram stories to purchase their product. When brought to the landing page, there is an action button to buy immediately. They make it super easy for an impulse purchase but also for those who have been hammered by retargeting and realize they need to make a purchase.

Creating custom landing pages for your Instagram campaigns makes you more likely to convert quality leads. When people are on their phones, they want things to be easy. A leads-based approach means meeting customers where they are. You want to avoid searching for a purchase button while doing a million other things.

Know Your Weaknesses 

You don’t go into selling bovine colostrum without knowing your weaknesses. In case you are new to the colostrum world, it is the first milk mammals produce to feed their babies. It’s the very first liquid a baby drinks, and it is packed full of nutrients and gut-healthy probiotics.

Bovine colostrum comes from the colostrum mama cows feed their calves. Yep, there it is– the dark side of the ARMRA brand- or is it? 

ARMRA receives many negative comments and questions on social media regarding “stealing important nutrients” from “poor calves.” Just imagine all of PETA on ARMRA’s social media. Ouch. 

ARMRA saw this coming, though, and hits the comments and questions head-on by sharing they source bovine colostrum from the 30% leftover after the calves finish feeding. Come to find out; calves don’t actually drink all of the colostrum the mother produces. And ARMRA is more than happy to share this research with anyone who challenges their sourcing of colostrum. Genius. 

Strategically answering questions with facts shifts their types of leads from the top of the sales funnel to consideration because they have answers to their inquiries, making it more likely that they will feel more comfortable purchasing this product. ARMRA uses a marketing strategy that involves taking high-funnel awareness customers down the funnel, even on Instagram.

Don’t Forget The Value Of Your Handle

As a marketer, I initially did not know how I felt about ARMRA’s @tryarma handle. After noodling on it for a few days, I realized that it’s actually quite genius. They included a CTA in their handle, immediately putting the thought in consumers’ heads that they should try ARMRA. 

While I don’t have access to ARMRA’s data, I am confident they use lead scoring to perfect which tactics are laddering up to the overall strategy to get consumers ready to buy their colostrum. They know how to target their audience effectively.

There are many lead generation strategies, but this is one that really works using Instagram ads and native content marketing. Try some, if not all, of these tips and tricks to boost your lead gen strategy on Instagram.

ARMRA did not pay me for this post, nor did I receive a free product for writing it. I am awed by their use of Instagram to dominate the colostrum market. Kudos to their marketing team and sales team!

Don’t trust just me; see for yourself at their ingenious handle– @tryarmra!

– Marji J. Sherman


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