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How To Be A Powerfully Vulnerable Leader

Effective Leadership Management

Scare the world: Be exactly who you say you are and tell the truth. Iain S. Thomas My life changed when I read Iain’s quote on his famous blog, I Wrote This For You. My sister committed suicide when I discovered Iain’s incredibly vulnerable blog. Vulnerability is challenging because it initially scares many people. Instead of having a fluffy conversation about the weather,...

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Artificial Intelligence 101 for Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Artificial Intelligence

In elementary school, I remember seeing a Scholastic visual of what the world would look like by 2010. While we still are working on flying cars, the artist illustrated artificial intelligence (AI) somewhere in that futuristic world. Many marketers today shy away from digging deeper into AI use cases because their brand is still working out how to use essential media and...

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What Is Threads? Should You Invest Your Time In The New Social Media Platform?

Threads Instagram Meta

Why? It seems like such a simple question, yet many marketers and brands need to remember to ask it before diving into the following trendy social media network. People are shocked Threads went from the most downloaded app to hemorrhaging users. Maybe it’s helpful to know that a 30-day retention rate for any app averages out at 4.3%. Whether you are a Meta or...

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How To Gain Instagram Leads By Following ARMRA’s Strategy

Colostrum. It sounds gross, but it’s a pretty solid addition to a healthy diet. Research shows it can increase hair growth, strengthen your immune system, improve your skin, and more. ARMRA sells bovine colostrum (we will get more into this later) and took over my Instagram around March with stellar ads and retargeting. The ads worked, and I eventually purchased their colostrum,...

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How To Use ChatGPT In Your Digital Marketing

ChatGPT GPT-4 GPT-3 Digital Marketing

Scary. Cool. Defective. Impressive. Dominating. These words describe ChatGPT, the hot new AI tool that is allegedly the most sophisticated artificial intelligence. So how does it impact digital marketers? Let's say– in a BIG way. GPT-4, GPT -3's predecessor, is now available via ChatGPT's new ChatGPT Plus program, which runs $20 monthly. The most sophisticated version yet, GPT-4 can build entire websites and even score...

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