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7 Ways To Process Grief

Quote-Photo-for-Foundation-Website-e1424122000785 I woke up today to a message from a college friend that her brother passed away last night. My heart instantly broke, as my mind flashed back to four years ago as I received the news that my own sister passed away. At the time, there was absolutely nothing that anyone could say or do that could relieve the unbearable level...

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5 Important Lessons Learned In The Waiting Room Of Life

292a696c39cd732fd00e09eb4f6aacfe I was super irritated waiting in my doctor’s waiting room yesterday afternoon. In fact, I had even arrived late knowing that the doctor would be running late, and still ended up waiting for over 40 minutes. Mind you, I was waiting in uncomfortable waiting room chairs with stitches across my spine. So, when a random, obviously worn out, woman sat down...

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