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The Thank You Note

All of these wonderful things have started happening for me since you tried to destroy me. Like, for instance, the coffee girl at the cafe on 1st finally learned how to make my drink without me saying a word. I found a training near home that is free for me that I can start next week. J stopped being mad at...

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The Intersection

I begged you to take me to Canal and Bowery, just like the song. As we stood on the unassuming corner, I was disappointed by how lackluster the spot actually was. As an NYC native, you explained that it actually is just a scummy place people catch the cheapest busses to their next destination. You took my hand and led me...

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The Forever Home

He says my eyes are the same teal ocean they were when we worked together on that campaign after college, gently wiping away escaping saltwater as the white walls scream ‘hospital.’ It’s my fourth week here, and his 28th night sleeping on the shabby green lounge chair they provide for relatives. I’ve barely slept, spending most nights tracing every wrinkle on...

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The Regrets

I’m so sorry I lost the photos of your grandfather in The Keys. I think about him often and the muggy night we spent on the second floor of his hardware shop in South Trinidad. He taught us love, strength. In the war of hearts he taught us to persevere. We drank colas as mosquitoes tried to claw their way through...

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The Ghost Story

We live as ghosts, haunting the steaming pink sand beach on Lover's Key. Eating brunch on the muggy splintered porch of that cafe on US-1. Cleaning sand from between our toes as sweat travels down our necks from the unusually hot summer. Sharing cherry truffle ice cream as it drips onto the sweltering pavement. Sitting on the sizzling metal chairs around the...

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