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Author: Marji Sherman

My Generation Does Not Get #COVID19

Already expecting the backlash of this post, but I don’t really give a f***. This issue is WAY too important to let a few strong opinions stand in my way. Last night, my lovely mother sent me an article that an Italian doctor wrote: YOUNG AND UNAFRAID OF THE CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC? GOOD FOR YOU. NOW STOP KILLING PEOPLE OMG this blog post...

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Why Micro-Audiences Are The New Fad For Facebook Ads

Bigger is (not) better, come to find out! Especially when it comes to Facebook targeting. One of my biggest predictions for 2019 trends was personalization (check out more on that here: Digital Marketing Trends in 2019,) which micro-targeting happens to complement well. The age of mass marketing is over. Consumers easily see through traditional marketing tactics and we are now part...

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