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Transforming pain into positive impact is one of the core mission statements of influencer Marji J. Sherman and her digital media agency, Sherman Social. With a focus on inspiring, encouraging and inciting change, Marji has a rule that the agency always needs to have at least 1/3 pro bono, nonprofit clients.

So when coronavirus started popping its stealth head into unwanted places, she immediately reached out to everyone in her tribe and asked how Sherman Social’s resources could help navigate coronavirus and the upheaval of emotions it was sure to bring with it. Not one to sit on an idea for long, Marji soon turned her vision (with the help of family and friends) into #MYC19STORY, a nonprofit vehicle for curating raw unedited stores about what is happening in our world right now.

Mad at God? Submit your story. Laid off? Submit your story. Witness an act of kindness? Submit your story. Working from home with your spouse 24/7? Submit your story. Experiencing the virus right now? Submit your story. Lose someone from the virus? Submit your story. Learning to teach your kids at home? Submit your story. >> JUST SHARE YOUR STORY, completely and as vulnerably as you would tell it to your close friends. We don’t judge here. In fact, we have a few uncouth stories to share of our own. This is a safe place, with an intention to bring stories from all over the world together in order to inspire, encourage and incite change in a new moment in the history of this universe.

No one is making a profit. Our resources are free, websites and software paid out of our own pockets. This isn’t about money, this is about providing a space where we can vent, archive, learn, inspire, get that last one breath to keep us trudging through all of this unknown.

So READ, SUBMIT, SHARE. Whatever you want to do. And don’t hesitate to reach out directly to Marji at if you have ideas, or if you want to share your story directly with her.

Thank you for being here. Thank you for being you— exactly what the world needs right now.


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