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How Tightened Privacy Changes On #SocialMedia Affects Branding

How Tightened Privacy Changes On #SocialMedia Affects Branding

Privacy is an awesome thing and is valued by (most) people, especially Generation X. While Millennials are ready to share anything and everything publicly, Generation X immediately sought out networks like Snapchat that would erase their posts within 24 hours. After watching their older generation be consumed (and sometimes wrecked) by sharing too much, they decided they wanted anything BUT that when they took to their own social media.

I actually was 1000 percent against social media when I was a freshman in college. This was when you had to have a college email in order to create a Facebook profile. My sister was living at Adams House at Harvard University when Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook by creating a profile-based system to rate all of the girls in Adams House. And, frankly, I just wasn’t in to being ‘rated’ online. But then I got my very first college boyfriend and he insisted that I had to at least create a profile, even if I didn’t do anything with it, so we could be in an official relationship on Facebook. Not even ten minutes after accepting his request, my roommate began terrorizing me because she apparently liked him as well and had no idea we were ‘official.’ That was my first taste of exactly why I didn’t want my business online AND how destructive social media can be to relationships.

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