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Let Me Introduce You To My “Women Breaking Glass Ceilings” Squad

Let Me Introduce You To My “Women Breaking Glass Ceilings” Squad

I am sure there are many men (and some women) rolling their eyes right now at the cliche title of this post. That’s fine. I’m not looking for 100 percent approval here. As a woman who has spent 10 years on the social media side of the corporate digital world, I can confidently say that there are still glass ceilings and they are still incredibly difficult for women to break. However, also during the past decade I have met stellar women who have made it look effortless to shatter those glass ceilings from owning one of the most successful media agencies to overseeing social media for a greeting card company. Yes, it’s a little intimidating being surrounded by such bad asses. And since it’s all about celebrating women today, here are 10 of them you need to follow ASAP:

Marsha Collier– President, The Collier Company

Marsha is by far the most humble and kind influencer I have ever met. She answered my social media questions via tweet when I had a mere 73 followers and had just graduated from college. Her passion truly stretches beyond her job as she strives to answer every single tweet/comment that comes her way.

Thea Neal– Social Media Lead, Hallmark Co.

Thea and I met at a Social Fresh Conference (which you should totally check out if you work in the social media space.) She so gracefully let me (and a room full of Hallmark employees) know that when she first met me she thought I was going to be a total b*tch. Thankfully, she also said once I opened my mouth she realized I wasn’t. Whew!

She made the Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list this year thanks to her genius social media prowess at Hallmark. She has completely changed their entire social media landscape, making it one of the most fun and on-trend brands to follow on social media. And, on top of that, she also is funny, wicked smart and definitely not a b*tch.

Yadi Cuadrado– Owner, Socialitell

Yadi and I have only met via the social media universe, but that does not affect my mad love for her. She is a bubbly mix of sass and brains and always leaves you laughing with her tweets. She is super on top of social media and digital trends, always sharing the most relevant news via her Twitter feed. She is a must-follow!

Carrie Kerpen– CEO, Likeable Media

I cannot say enough about Carrie. I knew she was going to be at a conference I was also attending and I was so nervous to meet her. Then I saw this glowing ball of energy across the room at the cocktail hour and all anxiety shifted into me basically just wanting to be her in my next life. You would never know she owns one of the most incredible media agencies, Likeable Media. She interacts with anyone and everyone who needs advice and uses her podcast(s) as a platform to highlight empowering women in the digital space. She truly is an angel, or at least mine!

Nicole D’Alonzo– Founder, 19 Minute Yoga

Nicole and I also connected via Social Fresh! We began talking even more when she launched her own yoga app, 19 Minute Yoga. She just exudes positive energy in everything she does. Her Twitter feed is full of everything from sharing critical political views to hilarious relatable memes to her own thoughts that are always amazing. I just love her.

Hillary Weiss– Owner, Hillary Weiss

Hillary and I actually went to college together (University of Miami!!) Although we didn’t really get to know each other until a couple of years ago when we both lived in Brooklyn and she invited me to the most stellar holiday party ever. I have had the pleasure of watching Hillary grow her own branding business from scratch, and, let me tell you, it has been an incredible experience. She is the hardest working woman I know, working 24/7 to ensure that her business thrives—which is not an easy feat in expensive NYC. I just love her to pieces and know that you will too!

Betsaida Alcantara– VP, Communications + Digital, Anti-Defamation League

I should probably be transparent in saying that Betsaida is actually my old boss 🙂 But we also became friends during my time at the Anti-Defamation League. On top of that, we both have been experiencing health issues that required chemo around the same time— so basically we are soul sisters. Betsaida gets sh*t done. She came into ADL ready to completely change the entire Communications + Digital landscape >> and she succeeded. I was (and still am) constantly in awe of her ability to work hard and fast as a change-maker in an 80 year-old organization. Also, you should follower her because she has a mad sixth sense about when a m ADL-related news story breaks and is always on top of it.

Opal Tomashevska– Multicultural Business Strategy Manager, CUNA Mutual Group

I currently work with Opal and she is just one of my favorite women EVER. Not only is she completely SHATTERING glass ceilings at CMG, she influences the world by writing and performing impactful spoken words. The first time I saw her perform I got goosebumps and literally could not believe that I was lucky enough to know this woman. She is all about educating people on how to include different cultures in their efforts— whether it be marketing or just in everyday life. I have learned so much from her and you will too!

Melissa Ripp– Owner + Creative Gal, Peapod Marketing + PR Consulting

I used to work with Mel and we became fast friends. This woman GETS social media and works with clients to ensure that they get it too and are using it in the most effective way. She just has a sparkling way of explaining things to you without making you feel stupid and you always feel completely energized leaving a conversation with her. She is a true creative, incredible to brainstorm with. And I am actually meeting her for drinks tonight, so, Yay!

Amanda Ray– Senior Corporate Social Media Manager

I also used to work with Amanda— obviously there is a trend here! We are now the best of best friends— so much so that she somehow managed to work with my parents and COMPLETELY surprise me on my birthday this year (she lives in a different state)— which is no easy thing to do. She is PERFECT to follow for social media industry updates. She also has her own blog which shares personal thoughts as well as well articulated business and social media tips. Follow her now!

Who are some inspiring successful women that you follow on Twitter? Leave your answer in the comments!

– Marji J. Sherman

Marji Sherman
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