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5 Reasons To Rock Red Lipstick

5 Reasons To Rock Red Lipstick

Me rocking my favorite Red Burlesque, Melody Mangler.

Me rocking my favorite Red Burlesque, Melody Mangler.

I wrote a blog about a year ago about an amazing lipstick brand that found me on social media and rolled out one of the most exquisite social media campaigns I’ve ever witnessed (Read more here –>5 Easy Tips To Convert A Consumer Via Social Media). Little did I know when they offered to send me some of their luscious lippies from Australia, that I would absolutely fall in love with product. Then, I ran out, and in a rush to wear a pair of red lips to a presentation I was giving the next day, I quickly picked up a tube of Tarte lipstick at Sephora.

Let me tell you something → NEVER, EVER pick up a tube of Tarte lipstick. Omg. The next month was one of the most PAINFUL lipstick wearing months of my life. In fact, my lips got so dry, and I lost so much skin off of them, that I actually had to stop wearing red lips for awhile.

That’s when I received an incredible DM from RED Burlesque, offering to send me more lipstick.

Let me tell you, A LOT of people ask me about what lipstick I wear, and I tag RED Burlesque in a ton of Instagram posts, Facebook posts and Tweets. Essentially, by investing a couple of tubes of lipstick in me, they have exponentially expanded their social media and WOM base. This brand knows how to do social media.

So, in honor of a brand that has now become a best friend that is with me every day, here’s five ways red lipstick has transformed my life, and can transform yours:

Conversation Starter

I cannot even tell you how many random conversations my red lippy has started. From the NYC subway, to a beach in Florida, to running errands, people have come up to me to comment on my lipstick. This has led to an incredible amount of new connections, and, possibly, new customers for Red Burlesque!


People remember my red lips, and they remember them well. I walked into a conference last year, and the executive leader of it immediately stopped me and said, “You’re Marji! I recognize you.” He might have recognized me anyways, but the trademark red lips definitely gave me away.

I’ve also run into people in airports and other places that immediately remember meeting me before because I’m wearing the same lipstick I wore when I met them. I gave the something to remember me by.

Confidence Booster

Just swipe on some red lipstick and see how confident you feel! It never ceases to amaze me how a pop of color can completely turnaround a sick day and make me feel somewhat alive again.

Unofficial Business Card

I intentionally keep my main profile photo on my social networks as one with red lips. This makes me stand out among the other photos, especially on Twitter.

Kiss Blocker

Red lipstick also has a profound way of keeping unwanted suitors away. I used to wear it on first dates to ensure that I wouldn’t have to deal with someone trying to kiss me if I didn’t want them to. I also tend to swipe some on if I’m not getting along with my significant other. It makes quite the point 😉

So…I highly recommend you pick up a tube of red lipstick and see what comes of it! Or, if it’s a little too much for you, find something out there that differentiates you from the pack. It’s essential → especially in the noise of the social media world. -Marji J. Sherman

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