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A Love Letter to My Followers (and 100 of them YOU should be following)

A Love Letter to My Followers (and 100 of them YOU should be following)

twitter-loveI hit 100K followers today (OMG), and I still remember the exact feeling I had when I hit 100. I could not believe that 100 people (that were not my relatives or friends) actually had an interest in what I had to say. The conversations I had with those 100 were unbelievable. Here I was, speaking with people from around the world, in executive positions at companies I lusted after, or interns in cities I had always dreamed of living in, or people that were on a completely different career path than I was that I gained inspiration from.

A year and a half, and 99,900 more followers later, I feel as equally as thankful and in awe. Greater than the number of followers, has been the increase in authentic conversations I’ve had with people from literally all walks of life.

I started Twitter in 2010 as an intern. It was mandatory for me to have one at the Miami beach agency I was interning at. I followed a handful of people, and mainly used it as a search tool for the next three years to find articles on social media. I found it to be the most accurate spot to find the articles I was looking for in the industry. I was a silent participator, savoring every new article I found in private.

Then, when I started my own business and blog, I found a new passion for Twitter, and here I am today, actually using it as an engagement tool.

I wish I could just paste transcripts of every meaningful conversation I’ve had with my followers RIGHT here, but it would be endless. I truly believe I am the luckiest girl for the time followers have taken to engage with me, and read my blog. I still feel like the Twitter newbie a year and a half ago, that screamed and went out for drinks with friends at the sight of a 100th follower, because who knew people were actually interested in what she had to say.

So, while I can’t take all of my followers out for drinks, I can pass along the love. Here is my list, in no particular order, of the 100 people I can think of off the top of my head that I have had eclectic, authentic, emotional, riveting, lovely conversations with on my account. Granted, there are WAY more than a 100 followers I’ve had meaningful conversations with, but, hey– you gotta start somewhere:

  1. Roman Jancic (@RomanJancic)- Thought provoking– he share incredible quotes and makes me think twice about things.
  2. Nick Cicero (@NickCicero) – Awesome networker.
  3. Joshua Mathe (@WadoobiePtC) – Clever. Stand-by for our Anti-Fruty pie campaign (Since we are both pecan pie lovers, duh)
  4. Jason J. Loya (@JasonJLoya)- His film connectons don’t hurt 😉 In all honesty though, he is completely engaged and willing to learn more about social which is something I love in a follower!
  5. Shelma Bockey (@sbockey7)- A go-getter! Full of so much drive and smarts it’s unbelievable.
  6. Jeff Sheehan (@JeffSheehan) – One of the first people I followed on Twitter for his inspiration and, as it turns out, he is INCREDIBLY kind and humble, as well!
  8. Suncoast Social (@SuncoastSosh) – Smart– love their blog!
  9. Shasta Social (@ShastaSocial)- Observant
  10. Christine Collins (@ccollins1919) – Motivational
  11. Chateau Clingman (@chateauclingman)- Enthusiastic
  12. Adam Dince (@AdamDince) – Compassionate
  13. Chris Moody (@cnmoody) – Approachable
  14. StemageSkincare (@stemageskincare)- Classy
  15. Erik Qualman (@equalman) – Humble
  16. Simply SAwrap (@SimplySAwrap)- Eager to learn
  17. Laura Bedrossian (@LauraBedrossian) – Hilarious
  18. Lisandra Carballosa (@PRntheCity)- Peppy (Cuban Coffee in a Twitter account 🙂 )
  19. Melanie (@vinogger)- Wino. Enough said.
  20. Jess K Taylor (@i_amjessk) – My favorite girl from college that I love dearly 🙂
  21. Michelle Glover (@EnTREEpreneur)- Intelligent! I love to see the network she’s created.
  22. Gayatri (@GayatriWrites) – Inspirational
  23. Christopher Tivey (@ctvy17)- Engagin, Jolly
  24. Brian Diaz (@b_diaz)- Smart
  25. M’ (@MaureenahN)- Inspiring
  26. Mike Miller (@mimllr)- Hilarious Ginger
  27. Kelli Snedegar (@ksnedegar)- Soulmate– Love you, Sned <3
  28. Sam Hosenkamp (@SamHosenkamp)- BEST Twitter Chat Hostess
  29. (@SeaWorldMommy)- Engaged
  30. W3 Impact Movement (@W3Movement)- Empowering
  31. Ann Hofvander (@annkh)- Enagaged
  32. Erin Daly (@ErMicheal)- My apprentice and successor 🙂
  33. Andy Swann (@AndySwann)- Helpful
  34. Brian Fanzo (@isocialfanz)- Positive
  35. Midori Miller (@midorimiller)- SoFlo
  36. Tris Banha (@TrisBanha)- AMAZING
  37. Jeff Mayes (@midnightdog)- Cleverly Intelligent
  38. Jay Baer (@jaybaer)- Expert
  39. Petra Schrott (@petraschrott)- Lovely
  40. Adrienne S. McCord (@AdrienneSMcCord)- Energetic (COFFEE!)
  41. Rose Caiazzo (@JacksonHoleRose)- My touch of Wyoming (my homestate)!
  42. Mike Raffone (@MikeRaffone)- Inquisitive
  43. The Bitcoin Rat (@BitcoinRat)- Fun
  44. D’Narius Lewis (@DnariusLewis)- Courageous
  45. Tom Varghese Jr. MD (@TomVargheseJr)- Kind
  46. Code Improv (@CodeImprov)- Honest
  47. Everyday Orange (@everydayorange)- Personable
  48. Tina Shakour (@tinashakour)- Thinker
  49. Anthony Permal (@AnthonyPermal)- Thoughtful
  50. Syed Malik (@isyd22)- Philosophical
  51. Jess Borrini Burgett (@jessicaborrini)- Engaged
  52. Elizabeth Burnside (@Eli414)- Strong
  53. Najaah Y. Daniels (@NajaahD)- Beautiful (Inside and out!)
  54. Becky Joy Photo (@BeckyJoyPhoto)- Kindred Spirit
  55. EagleEyedEditor (@EagleEyedEditor)- Caring
  56. Sandy T (@sassygirlcanada)- Sassy 😉
  57. Roger Neil Russell (@shadowsofsense)- Spiritual
  58. Aurora New Dawn (@AuroraNewDawn)- Encouraging
  59. Arno Douze (@ArnoDouze)- Learner
  60. woKATse (@woKATse)- Motivational
  61. Chris Zubryd (@SirGalahad)- Networker
  62. Jose Guaravselvam (@JoseKagoo)- Wicked smart
  63. Danielle Beder (@daniellebeder)- Brave
  64. Oracle CX Fan (@OracleCXFan)- Creative
  65. Dr. Tecsla Evans (@DrEvansCo)- Supportive
  66. Nick Jones (@Nick_Jones34)- Enthusiastic
  67. Amelia Tran (@AmelianTips)- Incredible girl!
  68. Kelsey Rae (@KelseyRae)- Engaged
  69. Antony Bagalue (@AntonyBagalue)- In love with my dog, and, really, that’s all it takes.
  70. Gary Gonzalez (@gargon82009)- Touch of home 😉 (Ask him abt my mad tennis skills)
  71. Liv Graber (@LivGraber)- Smart
  72. Brian M. Koshley (@bkoshley)- Knowledgable
  73. Vladimer Botsvadze (@VladoBotsvadze)- Aware
  74. Mark Bernhardt (@ImMarkBernhardt)- Smart
  75. Dago Ochoa (@dagoochoa)- Has been a follower since the beginning! Smart, compassionate dude!
  76. Cheryl Massey (@ccmasseytx)- Miami connection 😉
  77. MacCBOE (@MacCBOE)- HUGE heart
  78. Adam May (@agkmay)- Super networker :p
  79. Marquee Chang (@MarqueeChang)- Generous
  80. Business Unbound (@BusinessUnbound)- Enthusiastic
  81. Dimitri and Cat (@DimitriandCat)- BEST GRAPHIC DESIGNER EVER. He designed my Sherman Social logos. Check them out @ShermanSocial.
  82. Tracy Stella (@TracyStellaBlog)- Personable
  83. Mally Graveson (@mallygraveson)- Great at delivering personalized sport scores when you can’t watch the game!
  84. Nobre (@NobreClothings)- Great style and mission.
  85. ThinkAboutC (@ThinkAboutC)- SMART
  86. Philip Emmanuele (@philipemmanuele)- Using Twitter the right way as an Exec!
  87. Lindsay Stewart (@LindsayNStewart)- Sweet
  88. Gabe Chesman (@gchesman)- Thinker
  89. Cameron J. Wood (@Cameron_Wood)- Incredibly compassonate
  90. Nikk Smit (@NikkBishopSmit)- Finds awesome social content
  91. Chris Faria (@AdGenieCreative)- A great conversation 🙂
  92. Steve Martin (@LeoMcGirr)- Philosophical
  93. Tom Dealy (@tomdealy)- Brings up great points on social!
  94. Jason Schemmel (@JasonSchemmel)- One of the funniest, smartest guys I know
  95. Kenn Blurton (@BlurtonKenn)- Tips me off to awesome topics for my blog 🙂
  96. Deke Bridges (@dekebridges)- Knowledgable AND compassionate
  97. Brian Moran (@brianmoran)- Clever small business consultant that knows what’s up
  98. David Payton (@david_payton)- In love with his glasses.
  99. Massimiliano Balbi (@MaximilianBa)- A little shout out from Italy never hurt a girl.
  100. Ian M. Calvert (@IanMCalvert)- Businessman 🙂

So THANK YOU to those of you that have found me relevant enough to follow. I’ve had so many real conversations with you from consulting you on social media issues you’re having, to having you console me when I all of a sudden found myself in an abusive marriage. The kindness, intelligence and authenticity you’ve given my Twitter community is astounding, and I am incredibly grateful for it everyday.


Marji J. Sherman

Expert in NFTs, metaverse, social, and digital marketing.

  • Speechless

    September 24, 2014 at 12:33 am
  • andi

    love this! thanks for the amazing list of people to follow. my timeline will be much more interesting now. : )

    September 29, 2014 at 8:31 pm
  • Arno Douze


    September 29, 2014 at 8:37 pm
  • Honored to be included in your list.Thanks!

    October 11, 2014 at 3:51 pm
  • Great article, Marji!! Very inspiring!!

    November 16, 2014 at 5:58 pm
  • Honored. I have learned far more from you.

    July 20, 2018 at 12:04 am

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