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Who is Sherman Social?

Who is Sherman Social?



We all had great ideas about our first blog post. We could blog about the new Facebook hashtags, or Google’s issues with the IRS– But here’s the thing- You have Mashable for that. You have Social Media Today. We don’t feel the need to regurgitate the news back to you– sorry. And, since you are probably wondering what differentiates Sherman Social from any other social media agency out there, maybe even your own, we thought explaining ourselves would be the best place to start. So, here it is–>

We are about being a little rebellious in an industry that thrives on conformity, and making sure everyone ‘likes’ them. Sometimes, the people that dislike you can be your best advocates. We don’t care about the cool kids out there, with the 50K Twitter followers (that are most likely all bought). We care about engagement- actual conversations that spark ideas, and build true fans of a brand that will be with you until the very end. We care about reputation, and preserving it. We care about YOUR reputation, and YOUR ideas and what YOU want for YOUR brand. We have no intention of pushing ideas that do not fit the vision you have for your own brand. We certainly don’t want anyone coming to Sherman Social and telling us how to run our ship– No way.

We also care that you know what the hell social media is, and why you are paying to have it created and managed. We offer a variety of training programs from a basic introductory course to a full-on comprehensive course on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and strategy creation.

We also care about being there for our clients. You have a question at 11pm, we’ll have an answer at 11pm.

So now that you have a feel for who we are, give us some insight into you! Email us at , or Tweet at us @ShermanSocial.

Marji J. Sherman

Expert in NFTs, metaverse, social, and digital marketing.

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